Joomla! powered Site Joomla! site syndication 2012-12-12T10:35:19+01:00 Powered by Joomla! text/html 2004-08-09T08:30:34+01:00 Great American Road Trips: Maggie Valley, N.C., To Cherokee, N.C Are you one of those types of people who load up the kids in the car and pick a new and spontaneous adventure to go on? If so, then this article is for you. For several years now, I have been documenting my travels with my 4-year-old daughter, across the United States. I have done a lot of hit and miss research, and have picked out some of the best places for families to drive on single day and weekend road trips. text/html 2004-06-12T11:54:06+01:00 Maggie Valley WikiPedia Read more about Maggie Valley in the WikiPedia Entry. text/html 2004-08-09T08:30:34+01:00 Winter Activities in Maggie Valley, North Carolina Maggie Valley, North Carolina is such a beautiful area. There is so much to do, even in the wintertime. Whether you like shopping, skiing, or even tubing you'll have a great time in Maggie Valley. Of course, the mountains in Western North Carolina are great for winter activities. The temperature is right and there is often snow, if it doesn't snow, that's okay too because the area is well known for its man-made snow. I have been to Maggie Valley several times throughout my life and now live a mere 30 miles from the town. I was surprised to learn that there are so many activities to do in this area. Most tourist towns in Western North Carolina completely close down for wintertime and there aren't any activities. Most cities refer to the winter as the off season, but not Maggie Valley. Maggie Valley probably makes more money from their winter activities because of their ski area. I really hope you'll consider visiting Maggie Valley and taking part in some of the winter activities that the area has to offer.